Your Guide to Indoor Seating

Indoor Seating

To host a successful event, you must put the audience first in everything you do, to provide the most enjoyable experience possible for everyone involved. Indoor seating is a major component of any event, as it provides a safe space for ticket buyers to sit back and enjoy the show with family and friends. It can also add structure to an event and contribute to the anticipation as attendees shuffle to their seats with excitement.

Indoor seating can be arranged for a variety of events, including concerts, conferences, exhibitions, indoor sporting events, auditoriums and television studios.

Advantages of Indoor Seating

Tailored to Your Requirements

Our ‘A’ Frame Aluminium Seating can be adapted to your individual requirements. This will involve a full survey of your site with the help of modern CAD technology to plan how we can fully optimise the space available.

Colour Options

To make your event look sharp and professional, you need a consistent design. This is why we supply a wide range of colours for you to choose from, to fit with your theme or show support with team colours.


Our seating systems can be laid either flat or tiered. A flat layout it great for smaller celebrations and children’s events, whereas tiered seating is perfect for large events, where there’s a high volume of people needing to see the stage.


For temporary solutions, our seating comes with riser applications so it will not have to be fixed to the venue flooring. Meanwhile, our expert team will assist with the construction and deconstruction of the system and ensure that it is safe, fully compliant with venue regulations and structurally certified.


We offer secure staircases, platforms and walkways to accompany your seating system. This will allow more accessibility for the elderly, disabled and young children trying to find their way to their seats. It will also assist with moving your audience in a quick and uniformed manner to help your event run smoothly.

To maximise your event space and to provide your audience with a comfortable seat and a clear view, visit our website to find out more about our ‘A’ frame system and similar services. Whether you’re hosting a small, one time exhibitions or an annual UK tour, we can deliver a best-fitting solution.

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