A Guide to Tiered Seating Systems

If you’ve ever been to a public event such as a theatre production or a football match, you will most likely have sat in tiered seating. Here we detail all you need to know about tiered seating systems, and why they offer such a popular solution.

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How does tiered seating work?

Tiered seating systems are designed to allow a large number of people to watch an event by setting each row of seating at incremental heights. This sloped effect means the seats closer to the front are lower than the seats further to the back, allowing spectators a clear view regardless of where they are sat.

Where is tiered seating commonly used?

This type of seating is most commonly used in venues where performances require a clear line of sight to a stage or platform. So for example; cinemas, concert halls and auditoriums all benefit from the use of tiered seating as they are obliged to offer unrestricted views to a large audience.

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Because tiered seating is highly adjustable and can be manufactured for use in varying proportions, it can be utilised for use in pretty much any venue – from the Royal Albert Hall to Wembley Stadium.

What are the advantages?

The key advantage of this type of seating is that it offers each person in the audience a sightline that is elevated above those sitting in the row in front of them. This ensures a far clearer line of sight to the stage or performance area and prevents the need to stand, stretch or strain in order to gain a sufficient vantage point.

This offers a huge improvement on standard flat seating, where members of the audience will experience a far more restricted view the further back they are seated.

How can we help?

Austen Lewis offer aluminium ‘A’ frame tiered seating that guarantees both safety and quick installation. Designed with years of industry expertise, our adjustable tiered seating systems offer audiences the best possible sightline from whichever seat they choose.

If you’d like to find out more about our flexible seating options, please call our helpful and experienced team on 020 8683 3131.