Why you should invest in branded staging

In today’s world, consumers have more choices than ever. What’s more, their expectations are higher than ever before and standing out from your competitors has never been more important.

As a business, part of your strategy is probably looking at what makes you different from the rest and how you can stand out from the crowd. If you’re organising or sponsoring an event, one of the ways you can do this is by investing in beautifully branded staging that keeps your brand front of mind for longer.

branded staging

At the heart of every great event is a great experience, and branded staging and other forms of experiential marketing can help you achieve this by bringing your brand offering to life. Whether you’re putting on an industry event or music festival, making your business noticeable through branded staging offers three key benefits:

Your brand will be seen by hundreds of people

What better way to raise awareness of your business among hundreds or thousands of people than through branded staging at an event? When all eyes are on the stage, your branding will be there for all to see. Even if guests don’t focus on the branding itself, it will subliminally register in their mind and raise your profile.

You can utilise the staging to maximise messaging

Depending on your current business objectives, you can brand staging to tally with your current goals and messaging. There’s no limit on how creative you can be either – so get thinking! If you’re struggling to think of innovative ideas that will capture your audience’s imagination, handing over to a professional may be the best way forward.

You’ll be remembered over your competitors

Events are full of brands vying for attention. From branded promotional gifts to clothing, accessories and other experiential marketing methods, it’s safe to say that a visitor will be bombarded with brands who want them to spend money. Investing in branded staging makes one of the biggest impacts possible – rather than being shoved in a pocket and forgotten about, your brand will be there in the thick of the action all day long.

At Austen Lewis, our design and engineer teams will work with you to create the best design and layout for your staging. We specialise in customised staging right from the initial design, all the way to producing custom props and setting up your staging with AV and technical. If you’re looking for a staging company with a difference, why not give us a call on: 01793 750599, or email: info@austen-lewis.co.uk.