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Both Austen Lewis and Media Structures are two of the UK’s leading events companies that have formed a new strategic partnership as sister companies to offer ‘a unique and pioneering opportunity’ to all of its clients both new and existing.

With a combined experience of over 50 years and boasting an award-winning service, Andy Needham the sole owner has pulled both business’s ever so slightly together to provide a brand new ‘one-stop shop’ approach to the festival, experiential and concert industries.

Andy Needham, Managing Director, said: “This is not a merger, it is simply a commercial initiative with an alliance that has evolved following months of talks about what is lacking in services to the events industry.  Both companies can optimise their positions in the marketplace and provide our clients with a highly compelling brand new more competitive deal.

He added: “The partnership will share resources to provide sector clients with a brand new joint route to market with discounted group rate offers plus a unique opportunity for our customers to experience dealing with one person who can manage every service you might need to produce an event or product.  This enables Production Managers to deal with one serviceable company as opposed to multiple suppliers to manage a project.


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