In the 1950s grandstand seating was a challenge but for the Goodwood today and with Austen Lewis on hand their request for “old fashioned seating” as a theme throughout their event space became reality.  For the past 18 years Austen Lewis has recreated past’s times in keeping with the “spirit of the 50’s”.


To recreate the “spirit of the 50’s” obviously as time moves on so does the look and feel of events and seating.  Austen Lewis was approached to design and deliver a seating stand that would not only house 5500 people but would also have the look and feel of the “spirit of the 50’s”.


After many weeks in the design studio with a number of site visits, Austen Lewis managed to design a seating stand that was not only practical but also had that 50’s look and feel.  The specially designed branded roof covers and purposely distressed seating – this fantastic event takes every guest back to the days of Stirling Moss!