Holiday Resort – Butlins


Austen Lewis have been working with a famous UK holiday resort since 1985, alongside Spring Harvest providing tents and seats for all their main events throughout the year.  Back in 1995 the Entertainment Director contacted Austen Lewis to talk through the possibility of organising outdoor concerts within tents, moving onto open air events then eventually within the Skyline Arena.


Austen Lewis were given the task to come up with a solution whereby we could change their outlook by appealing to a wider range of clientele by adding outdoor concerts which would then progress into a wider range of events within the seating and staging world.


Austen Lewis worked very close with the event managers at all the main resorts in designing and developing outdoor spaces to house seating and staging that will accommodate 6000 people.  After many years of successful outdoor concerts Austen Lewis started to see the potential in creating concert setups within the very popular Skyline Arena. We designed a seating stand to fit the space and again house 6000 people for main events such as the Darts, WWE and Madness, along with various events that would change year after year.