Jersey Football Club


The Jersey official Football club represents the small island of Jersey in non-FIFA international football matches. The team play their football at the Springfield Stadium which is a multi-purpose stadium in Saint Helier, Jersey.


Our brief was to increase the stadium capacity of the 7,000 seater stadium to 14,000, with one of our unique seating solutions but keeping in line with the clubs red seated theme.


After visiting the stadium and surveying the area our first thoughts were to place our Initial seating designs into a digital map of the venue. Using our CAD design programme, we produced 2D images and calculated the perfect temporary seating solution that would maximise the amount of space required to build. To achieve this the Austen Lewis production team began to build the main structural frame of the seating stand, taking into account the curve of the stadium on the east side. Thanks to the creativity and expertise of the Austen Lewis design team in keeping perfectly in line with the red themed stadium and the brief. Just over 7,000 tiered tip up seats in poppy red were installed to the complete seating structure. Not only did our seating offer our client a temporary solution to a lack of capacity but also offered a seating stand that could have been passed off as a permanent grand stand.