Olympia Boxing


The Olympia is an exhibition centre, event space and conference centre in West Kensington, London. The venue is home to a range of international trade and consumer exhibitions, conferences and live events.


The brief required was to provide as many tip up seats and seating stands as we could in two separate halls at the famous London venue for a live boxing event being aired all over the country. Our job was to also provide a bespoke stage that would support a PA system and a large screen that would show the fight to a paying crowd.


The creative minds of the Austen Lewis technical and design departments designed and dropped our seating into a visual map of the venue. Using CAD programming we calculated the perfect amount of seats that would fill both halls entirely, offering perfect viewing points. The designs were handed over to the production team who went on to produce a number of our own seating stands using our custom ‘A’ frame system exclusive to Austen Lewis, allowing for a quick install and de-rig turnaround as well as a large number of ground level tip up seats for a closer view of the fight. Just over 2,000 tip up seats in poppy red were then installed in the second location along with a bespoke stage and support for the large monitor for spectators to view the live event. The Austen Lewis finishing team added the final touches to all stands and stage adding specially printed row and seat numbers to each seating section.