Weymouth Beach Volleyball Classic 2016


Weymouth Beach Volleyball is one of the largest beach volleyball events in the UK, it’s a two day event attracting all ages and gender’s.


The brief was simple, to provide 250 seats that would blend into its surroundings and sit alongside the volleyball pitches for spectators to enjoy the volleyball in comfort.


With the positioning of the stand crucial to the event and knowing the venue, all stands had to be designed in CAD and then dropped into a map of the event site resulting in sign off from our client, our job is to provide perfect site lines for every seat so this is a great way of guarantying the positioning was perfect, even down to the closest millimeter. Once all plan designs were signed off we produced one of our perfect signature stands that would actually house over 250 seats. Finished to the clients spec with a bright and vibrant netting we made sure the stand blended perfectly into its bright surrounding area, delivering an on-brief stand on time and in budget.