Why Tiered Seating is Always the Best Choice for Events

Event season is upon us and with the UK weather currently providing the perfect excuse to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, more and more people are looking forward to a memorable event experience.  If you are planning an event this year, whether it’s a festival, concert, parade or sports event, you’ll want your visitors to have a day to remember, so your choice of seating is going to make a big difference to what they can see and how much they enjoy it.  In our experience, tiered seating is always a winner when it comes to events, but if you’re not convinced, here are just a few reasons why:

The View

Tiered Seating View

It goes without saying that the pinnacle of attending any kind of event is to get a good view of the main element of whatever is going on.  If you’ve paid money or gone out of your way to get to an event, the last thing you want is to find out is that you can’t really see anything from where you are sitting.  Tiered seating has the obvious benefit of giving everyone a good vantage point.  It is ideal for audiences that are going to be sitting in rows and gives everyone a clear view of the stage or main event.

The Space

Tiered Seating Space

Not only do you want your event attendees to get a good view, but you also want to be able to maximise audience numbers by fitting as many people in as possible.  Tiered seating systems provide a great way to do this as they can accommodate large numbers of people in a relatively small space and enable you to make the most of the height of your venue or the limitless space of the great outdoors.

The Flexibility

Tiered Seating Flexibility

The great thing about the tiered seating solutions we offer here at Austen Lewis is that our systems are portable, making them perfect for temporary indoor or outdoor events where you might need to move or reconfigure seating to best accommodate your visitors.   If your event is running over several days and you need to move seating systems around to cater for different visitors and spectacles on different days, then a portable tiered seating system is the number one choice.

Rather than having loose chairs around your venue, presenting a trip hazard and enabling people to move them to wherever they want, even if it is in the way or in a potentially dangerous location, a tiered seating system provides a much safer alternative.  With seating units remaining sturdy even when supporting great weights and rising to great heights, you can rest assured that your event attendees will be able to safely enjoy the entertainment.  At Austen Lewis, our ‘A’ Frame Seating System is safe and secure enough to handle the crowd, even when they get excited!

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