Benefits of Temporary Seating and Staging

Temporary Seating StagingMany events will only run for a short period of time, at rented venues, which means you’re going to need a lot of temporary solutions. Temporary seating and staging is an essential component to any event, as it provides a comfortable space for both your audience and the entertainment.

Here at Austen Lewis we provide temporary seating and staging fixtures, to make the set up convenient for you both during and after the event. And although they are temporary solutions, it doesn’t mean they are not worth while as there are many benefits to consider:

1. Convenient Set Up

Our temporary seating and staging solutions come with the help of our expert team. They will be by your side during the set up and take down of your temporary fixture for a smooth operation and a convenient service.

2. No Permanent Markings to Hired Venues

If you’re hiring a venue for your event, you need to be careful of the condition you leave it in, so you don’t incur any additional charges. Because our seating and staging isn’t permanent, it means there’s no need for permanent fixtures that will leave markings on your venue.

3. Easy to Adjust

Also, not being permanently fixed to the venue, means if your seating and staging needs adjusting to cater to a larger audience or to fit into a smaller space, re-positioning the set up will not be so difficult.

4. Financially Efficient

In the long term, relying on temporary fixtures for events instead of setting up a permanent building can save you a lot of money, as you will not incur the same labour, design or material costs that you would with building a venue from scratch. Also, in a lot of cases, renting a venue, as well as temporary seating and staging, can be a lot less expensive than building your own.

5. Flexibility

Also, by not being tied to a permanent venue, temporary solutions for seating and staging can provide you with the flexibility to take your event to different cities. This will allow you to open your event to a wider audience and attract people from across the country.

Here at Austen Lewis we aim to provide convenient and high quality temporary seating and staging solutions, to complement your event and cater to your audience. With our team of industry experts, we will provide event support every step of the way, so nothing can go wrong.

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