Adding Volume And Value To Sporting Events With Temporary Seating

Sports Seating

The quantity and type of temporary seating can have a huge impact on a sporting event. Not only do you want customers to be comfortable, you want to enjoy the game and keep them coming back for more.

Choosing the right temporary seating can add significant volume and value to a sporting event, so here at Austen Lewis, we’ve put together the top things to ensure success:

1. Visibility

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is how your temporary seating will affect visibility of the sporting match. That doesn’t just include how spaced out the seats are, but also whether there is anything obscuring the view, such as girders and pillars. Using CAD to devise a plan before you erect the seating enables you to plan effective seating and mitigate any potential visibility problems.

2. Comfort

When you’re hosting a sporting event, you want your visitors to feel comfortable. That means you’ll need to consider factors like overall space per seat, leg room and the type of chair you’ll be using. Using the wrong seat type can create all kinds of havoc, particularly if you’re erecting it outside. For example, foldable plastic seating is easily wipeable in the event of rain, whereas foam, padded seating would absorb water and become incredibly uncomfortable.

3. Security

Temporary seating doesn’t have to feel temporary. Chairs that wobble or feel insecure are likely to be unsafe and put your guests at risk. Furthermore, visitors are less likely to relax into the game if they’re worrying that their chair might collapse. Making sure all seating is secure is of paramount importance and should be a key consideration of your temporary seating provider.

4. Disabled Access

The good thing about temporary seating is that it is highly customisable. That means it’s easy to incorporate elements that allow disabled access, such as wheelchair cut-outs, accessible ramps and viewing points. Considering these elements at the planning stages means you leave no stone unturned and that you provide essential, adequate services.

5. Consider Colours

When it comes to sport, colour can be particularly significant. You wouldn’t want to forget this and cause mayhem by sitting fans in chairs in the shade of the opposition, so consider in advance the colours you’d like your temporary seating to be. If you don’t, you could cause great offence and fans might not sit in the chairs at all.

Whether you’re looking for venue seating, event seating, fold up seats, grandstand seating or telescopic automatic seating, the team here at Austen Lewis are sure to be able to help. Why not contact us to see how we can devise and manage the perfect seating arrangement for your sporting match?