Sports Seating


From indoor sports halls to impressive outdoor arenas and stadiums, we provide quality, bespoke sports seating solutions for clubs and venues.

When choosing sports seating it’s a good view of the action and comfort during the game that will give spectators the best experience at your event. Whether you need a couple of hundred seats for a local sports event, or you’re looking to seat thousands, our reliable  ‘A’ frame seating and dedicated team will help you make it happen.

Why choose Austen Lewis for your sports seating solution?

Our skilled CAD engineers will be able to design an effective seating layout and configuration according to the size and capacity of your sports venue. If there are any constraints, such as availability of floor space, or restricted height or access, we’ll be able to work with you around this and come up with a flexible solution:

  • We supply covered or uncovered seating options, and for indoor and outdoor sporting events and venues.
  • Our custom system allows seating to be tiered or linked together for better spectator view and capacity. Flexible in design, seating can be reconfigured for ongoing event requirements.
  • Sports seating is highly customisable with panelling, wheelchair cut-outs and storage options available. We can also provide barriers for front spectators, camera and access platforms and commentating boxes.
  • Colours of sports seating can also be customised to match club or event colour
  • Our temporary grandstand seating system is durable, easy to maintain and offers the appearance and comfort of a permanent facility. Seating can be quickly installed and taken down without any permanent construction.
  • Sports seating is compliant with all current safety legislation.

Our sports seating in action

Here are some of the sporting events we have provided expert seating solutions for:

  • WWE UK tour Butlins, Minehead – 6240 tiered tip up seats, 4 day event, annually
  • PDC Players Championship Finals (darts) Butlins, Minehead – 5300 tiered tip up seats, 4 day event, annually
  • Loughborough School Games – 7 tiered tip up seating stands as well as camera platforms, accessible ramps, walkways, spread over 12 current and future Olympic/Paralympic events for the UK’s best young aspiring athletes
  • Weymouth Beach Volleyball – Over 400 tiered tip up seats
  • Archery European Championship Nottingham – Over 1250 tiered tip up seats spread over 4 blocks with covered roofs


Our sports seating is available for short term hire, season-long hire or to purchase. Whatever your requirements or the scale of your event, we’ll ensure that you have a high-performing, safe and cost-effective sports seating solution for the best spectator experience. To find out more or to speak to a member of our team about your event, please head to our contact page and we’ll be happy to assist you.