Concert Seating


if you’re looking to hire seating for your next show, our specially designed concert seating solutions are versatile, comfortable, and will give your audiences the best sight line from every seat.Our ‘A’ frame aluminium seating system can be customised to suit your event layout and the theme of your concert perfectly. Whether you need a temporary or permanent solution, we’ll provide you with stylish, adaptable seats which can be installed and de-rigged without a hassle by our team.

  • Our high-grade seating system is flexible and can be laid flat or tiered.
  • We offer seating for floor or riser applications without having to fix the system to the venue floor.
  • Our engineers will ensure that your concert seating is safe and fully compliant with your venue’s building regulations and structurally certified.
  • CAD generated seating plans with seat numbers and row letters can be included.
  • We can provide secure staircases, walkways and platforms in line with the seating layout. We can also implement concert staging with all the extras to make your concert truly exciting.
  • Our structures have been designed to look elegant and feel comfortable, so you can ensure an enjoyable experience for the crowd.
  • Seating units are lightweight, easy to handle and quick to install and remove. Plus, they require low maintenance.

To create the biggest impact for your concert our design team will develop a seating configuration that optimises your available space and meets your unique specifications. We have experience in delivering seating for concerts across the UK, so you can be assured that everything will run smoothly with us. To speak to us about your seating requirements or for more information please call us on 020 3781 7773.