Concert Staging


In any concert the stage set is key to building excitement and creating a brilliant experience for the audience. Staging also needs to be resilient to last for the duration of the shows, though be simple enough to conveniently set up and de-rig.

As a UK leader in event staging solutions, we have been involved in implementing outstanding concert staging across various venues. We know about what makes a concert stage an excellent one, and our experienced team have the design and technical capabilities to deliver maximum results in any space.

  • Tell us your ideas and our expert designers will creatively visualise your exact unique staging requirements using leading technology.
  • Then it’s down to our engineers to construct your innovative stage set, accommodating any constraints of your venue and health and safety regulations.
  • Choose from our range of impressive stage enhancers, from revolving or lifting platforms, to disabled viewing or VIP platforms, front and side of house platforms or monitor wings.
  • Our lightweight StageDeck can be matched with durable platforms, stair units and railings. Whatever you need, our equipment is robust enough, though easy and efficient to install in line with your time frame.

From small concerts to major stage setups in top national venues, you can be sure that our custom staging solutions, design strategies and production efforts will completely match your event needs. For more information or to chat to us about your ideas, please feel free to get in touch today.