Outdoor Staging


If you’re staging an outdoor event, you may come across some physical and logistical challenges that you wouldn’t normally face in indoor venues. You might need to consider some of the following environmental concerns:

  • The impact of your staging and equipment on public lawn and other surfaces
  • The effect of structures on wind speed and their weather resilience
  • The noise restrictions in your outdoor space if you’ll be using sound systems

As a dedicated provider of outdoor staging solutions for over 30 years, we’ll ensure that you have all the right staging, equipment and processes in place. Whether you need just the stage platforms or everything from lighting and sound to installation and de-rigging included, you can count on us to deliver a solution which will delight your audience.

How we can help you

 The expert team at Austen Lewis will work with you to create a customised, creative outdoor staging solution which considers the the conditions of your venue and the need for specialised equipment, such as portable power generation, or wind and weatherproofed AV equipment. We can deliver and set up your staging to a workable timeframe and make sure that everything runs smoothly for your event.

  • We’ll provide you with our innovative StageDeck platforms which can have an anti-slip stage surface. Our staging is safe for any outdoor event and is of an extremely high quality. We can also accommodate for shade and weather protection.
  • Using CAD technology we’ll draw and plan a unique and engaging stage design with the option for custom branding. If you’re planning a festival, check out our option for custom festival staging and build an unforgettable event experience.
  • Our engineers will carry out a survey of your site, with full structural and wind calculations, to determine the safest and most practical outdoor solution which makes the most of your available space.
  • Along with weatherproof AV and technical equipment we can also complete your staging solution with accessible camera and viewing platforms, front and rear of house boxes and monitor wings, roofs, commentary boxes and seating.
  • We’ll deliver you durable outdoor staging with a quick installation and removal time, saving you the fuss, as well as time and money.

If you’d like to talk to us about your ideas for your outdoor event or to find out more about our staging, please call us on 01793 750599. We’d love to help you set the perfect stage to make your event a hit!