With our years of practical experience we’ve developed our very own advanced under structure stage decking. Using the latest CAD programmes our durable and versatile StageDeck systems can be tailored to meet your exact event needs, to accommodate any sized staging.

Your complete staging solution


From hire only, to hire with install and de-rig, we’ll work with you to design and build a StageDeck that perfectly fits the staging in your indoor or outdoor venue.

• Our steel structures make for a robust, safe and long-lasting stage deck solution

• StageDeck uses a weatherproof surface which makes it highly adaptable for outdoor applications as well as indoor events

• Our decking can improve acoustical insulation by dampening sound

• We provide a range of deck surface options for a clean and attractive appearance

• Though durable, our StageDeck system is lightweight and convenient to install and de-rig

• StageDeck is updated on a yearly basis as we always aim to improve your staging and event experience

Whatever your staging requirements, let Austen Lewis help you enhance your event build up. Simply contact us on 020 3781 7773 to speak to us about getting a bespoke decking system or explore how we can help you with your event staging and seating.